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About our patient group

What is the Patient Participation Group?

The Patient Participation Group – or PPG as it is usually known – is made up of patients who attend the Peel Medical Practice. Currently the group has ten members who meet monthly with members of the practice staff to discuss a range of issues relating to patients. Our joint aim is to improve the services provided for its patients by the practice.

The PPG is the patient voice, and we represent all the patients who belong to the practice. In addition to the group described above, all patients of the practice are regarded as members of the Virtual Patient Participation Group, unless they indicate they do not wish to take part. This larger group is consulted from time to time about issues the practice would like wider feedback on. The group is kept informed of what the PPG is doing and involved in by the publication on the website of the minutes of the monthly meetings, and also by regular newsletters, also featured on the website. Both these items are displayed on the Community Notice Board in the surgery.

Our PPG is currently full and we have a waiting list of applications.

PPG Flyer July 2023: Flyer July 2023

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Please click below for minutes of PPG meetings:

F – Minutes of meeting June 27th 2023

G – Minutes of meeting July 25th 2023

H – Minutes of meeting August 22nd 2023

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 21st September, 2023